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An original abstract oil painting on canvas


I'm an intuitive painter, so when I begin a new painting, standing in front of the white canvas... I have thoughts running around in my head. Sometimes they may be forms, sometimes colors, composition or a model, and sometimes I just let the colors, the emotions, and my imagination, lead my hand to the depth of the subconscious. From the moment, the brush touches the canvas, all thoughts move aside and I begin playing with colors, my main love.

--- Here I invite you to lean back, in front of this painting ... just enjoy!
You are invited to bring this unique painting to your unique home, 
enrich your art collection and bring colors and joy to your home and to your soul.


All of my artworks are original, handmade and signed by me, the artist.




 * Name of painting:  COLORS OF AUTUMN                                                                                                                     * Painter: Essie S. Alufi (EssieArtStudio).                                                                                                                           * Size: 27.5" x 17.05" (70cm x 43.3cm).                                                                                                                                 * Material: acrylic painting on canvas.                                                                                                                               * Style: Modern abstract
 * Secure package rolled in a safe rigid tube.
 * EXPRESS FREE SHIPPING worldwide from Israel.

PAY ATTENTION:  The color of the artwork may appear different on dif


מק"ט: 58
550.00$ מחיר רגיל
495.00$מחיר מבצע
  • * Name of painting COLORS OF AUTUMN                                                  * Painter: Essie S. Alufi (EssieArtStudio).                                                                * Size: 27.5" x 17.05" (70cm x 43.3cm)).                                                                    * Style: Modern abstract                                                                                                * Material: acrylic painting on canvas.

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