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An original extra large wall art, abstract oil painting on canvas


I love painting women.
The pallet knife and oil paints are the best tools for me to convey my feelings, my sensations, what my eyes see, and what my heart feels, onto the canvas.
In this painting, the women themselves are my inspiration – their sensuality, their vigor, their free spirit, and the special bond between them.
Each painting embodies a part of my soul.
If you chose my painting to be a part of your life, it is a sign that your soul identified my soul. 
This fills my heart with joy.


--- Here I invite you to lean back, in front of this painting....just enjoy!
You are invited to bring this unique painting to your unique home, enrich your art collection, and bring joy to your home and to your soul.


Each Painting of mine is unique and very special to me, so I would be honored knowing you chose my art.


All of my artworks are original, handmade, and signed by me, the artist.


* Name of painting FREE SPIRIT 
* Painter: Essie S. Alufi (EssieArtStudio).
* Size: 63" x 39.4"  (160cm x 100cm).
* Style: Modern Abstract.
* Secure package Rolled in a safe rigid tube.
* EXPRESS FREE SHIPPING worldwide from Israel.


PAY ATTENTION:  The color of the artwork may appear different on different digital screens and most accurately on a computer screen.


מק"ט: 3
50,000.00$ מחיר רגיל
45,000.00$מחיר מבצע
  • * Name of painting:  FREE SPIRIT
    * Painter: Essie S. Alufi (EssieArtStudio).
    * Size: 63" x 39.4" (160cm x 100cm).
    * Style: Modern Abstract oil painting on canvas.

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